Arastro Midlands Street Video's

Our studio is a physical radio station in a house based in Birmingham, the center of the Midlands. Some of our presenters are live at the studio or live at there own homes but all come from The Midlands County UK

This site is Arastro radio's street videos run by the one and only presenter, singer and Arastro's photo/video man Mr Phophet. All enquiries get in touch on our contact page please.

You proberly have seen him at most venues working hard to make your dream come a reality on video or just you may be promoting your event, artist, shop, charity etc:.

BLOOD makes you related

LOYALTY makes you family

So Arastro family:

Watch your Thoughts for they become Words.

Watch your Words for they become your Actions

Watch your Actions for they become your Habits

Watch your Habits for they become your Character

Watch your Character for they become your Destiny

Arastro to you FAM.

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